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Amanda Patrick was born and raised in northern Michigan by two self-starting, small business owners. From her youth, her parents instilled the importance of reaching outside their rural community for cultural and world knowledge. Amanda followed her own entrepreneurial tendencies, which led to her to start her first business at the age of sixteen.

She learned very quickly that building strong, local relationships was the key to being successful in business. By nurturing those relationships and providing a high-quality product she built the business and client base she needed to establish a successful floral, wedding and interior design business for the following sixteen years. Amanda understands that top-notch, personalized service is the guiding factor in customer satisfaction. In 2015 Amanda moved to Myrtle Beach and began her real estate career. She loves business networking and utilizing social media to leverage the competitive real estate market to her advantage. Whether in business or in life she believes in being transparent, being real and having FUN!